Just want to thank you for your help in making sure that I received the remainder of my order (Vitamin C Serum) and also including the extra eye gel. I love both products and have ordered face lift cream based on your recommendation. Thank you again!!


You are so very welcome, Sandra. Since we are close in age,  I can certainly tell you which products work well on MY post-menopausal skin! Lol.  Using the Vitamin C Skin Serum morning and the C-10 Pentapeptide Facelift Cream evenings, you should be able to see a noticeable difference within a few weeks. The “facelift cream” is a very concentrated product and formulated for mature skin. For a more added benefit,  you can layer our Peptide Potent 5 Deep Wrinkle Serum and Facelift Cream each night. When layering products, always start with the serums (thinnest consistency)  first, then proceed with creams and moisturizers. One other product you might want to try is our Marula Enzyme Face Mask.  It has good, natural exfoliating ingredients in it as well as hyaluronic acid (hydration for your skin). I am putting you on our email list so you can receive future newsletters about skin care and any big promotions we might launch. And… if you would give us a review on Amazon or our Website (or both)  we will greatly appreciate it. Always feel free to contact me on any questions you might have concerning our products or the use of them.