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There is never a perfect time to start building the life you want to live.  When you are young, you have these dreams…you plan, you map them out, you move forward in that direction and then suddenly… a day, a week, a month,  then years go by, and little or nothing has changed!  If this is you, then read on… there IS something you can do to break that cycle.  You are not alone.  Many people procrastinate on starting their dreams without fully understanding why. Once you identify the stumbling blocks that are keeping you from achieving your goals, you will be better equipped to determine the actions you need to take and when you need to take them.

  1. Be Specific:

Choose specific and detailed actions, amounts, and target dates when making your goals.  You need to know what you want to accomplish and in what time frame.   Try to create a life you love and feel inspired to work towards.  When your goals are truly aligned with the life you want to live, you will be more motivated to take charge of them.  So…instead of asking yourself “What can I have?...” ask yourself… “What would I love?”  Too often, people create their goals based on what they THINK they can have, not on what they would truly LOVE. But goals like that won’t motivate you, because they aren’t what you really desire.  Align your goals and your dreams with your desires. 

  1. Train your Subconscious Mind to Cooperate with your Dream.

When people have created a specific, detailed goal that is aligned with their dreams, they often encounter a resistance.  It is their subconscious mind.  It is resisting their dreams.  Sometimes it is hard for people to shake the perception they have created for themselves in the reality they are living in.  The mental picture they have of themselves being alone, poor, unhealthy, unsuccessful, or just too busy is part of their self-image.  The idea of being healthy, loved, relaxed and successful feels alien to them.  As a result, they procrastinate on taking actions that would create this new and unfamiliar reality, or they try to change their lives momentarily, only to quickly revert back to their familiar state of circumstances.  Before your “internal” dream can become your “external” reality, you have to train your subconscious to become accustomed to your new and better life. One way to do that is to vividly imagine yourself living in your dream, as if it were a day-to-day reality.  Once you begin to see yourself in this manner, your subconscious will begin to cooperate with you instead of resisting…and the temptation to procrastinate will diminish.


  1. Quit Waiting for the Perfect Time

There will never be a “perfect time” to start building the life you want to live.  The only time you have is now.  You don’t need to wait until you have more money, time or skills, or until the perfect opportunity appears.  While you are waiting for the resources and opportunities for your dream to appear, it could be that your dream is waiting for you to bring it into existence!  Create the time, money, skills, and connections that you need to start down the path to living your dream.  Start with what you have…START TODAY!


.  Design a life that motivates and inspires you, one that will bring you lasting joy and happiness.

.  Identify and remove the obstacles and fears that hold you back from your dreams.

.  Create the time, money, skills, connections and opportunities you need to build that life. 

.  Keep continually making progress, even when you are tempted to give up.





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