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There is something to be said about being content and satisfied in our everyday life. Outside influences affect us and cause stress on our skin and our health in many different ways.  If we can learn to relax, put the negative segments of our life in their own separate box, and create new ”meaningful moments,” memories, and life experiences, we would find our everyday life to be richer and more rewarding.

Here are some ways to make a difference in your sphere of influence and possibly find a new and more meaningful direction.

  1. Make meals for someone after a surgery
  2. Teach someone to read, to sew, or to cook
  3. Coach a youth sport
  4. Donate kitchen supplies you don’t use
  5. Clean someone’s home
  6. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  7. Take a pet to a nursing home
  8. Become a big brother
  9. Repair someone’s home
  10. Raise money for a family in need
  11. Give blood
  12. Babysit for a single parent
  13. Mow someone’s lawn
  14. Pick up trash on the highway
  15. Plant a garden for someone
  16. Serve a meal at a homeless shelter
  17. Foster a pet
  18. Visit a children’s hospital
  19. Create a website for a charity
  20. Lead recreational activities at a retirement home

So pick just one or maybe two of these suggestions and get started with enriching your life by enriching life for others. Guaranteed it will lift your spirits, build some positive life experiences, and your stress level will decrease. Everyone wants to feel productive and needed…and these are just a few ways you can accomplish that!



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