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Did you know that practicing yoga helps increase blood circulation to the head and face area?   Poses such as Cobra Pose, Fish Pose, Plow Pose, Shoulder Stand, Triangle Pose, and Child Pose increase oxygenation to your system.  All are inverted postures and forward bends, which increase blood supply to your head, achieving clean glowing skin.  If you have problematic skin like acne, (especially in the summer)  cooling pranayamas (breathing exercises) can help provide a cooling effect to the skin and retain its glow.  Continual practice of yoga facilitates physical and emotional cleansing.  Through forceful exhalation of some yoga practices, detoxification happens, which shows in the form of naturally glowing skin! 

Finding a quiet place (with no distractions) and meditating every day is crucial.  In this busy day and time life can be fleeting, it seems, so carve out a spot each day for yourself.  You will find it to be a whole new invigorating experience for you.  The more you learn to relax your body, the more you will radiate beauty from within AND without.  Many women start wrinkling prematurely due to stress and unhealthy lifestyle practices.  Relaxing and de-stressing with yoga will be a life-affirming experience that your skin and body will benefit from.  Find a yoga class today and get started!         


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