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Wrinkling is a natural part of aging, but you can still slow the process down by taking good care of your skin.  Good exfoliation and hydration is key in combating fine lines and wrinkles.  Your skin regenerates about every 28 days. As new skin cells are made, old, dead skin cells rise to the outer layers of your skin. Some of these dead skin cells fall off, but others stick to the surface of the skin.  These dead skin cells build up on your skin and wreak havoc on your complexion. They contribute to breakouts, larger looking pores, and give your skin a dull, drab appearance.   Removing these dead skin cells improves hydration and circulation of your skin, thus minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will be smoother and firmer.


Our Natural and Organic Marula Enzyme face mask with Papain (Papaya Enzyme) and Dead Sea Silt rejuvenates and effectively restores your skin to a well-balanced and hydrated state.  The Papain enzyme acts as an exfoliator by dissolving and breaking down the proteins in dead skin. Dead Sea Silt gently dissolves dead skin cells leaving your skin with good circulation, emolliency, and hydration. This best facial mask also has Niacin, which is a miracle worker in keeping skin healthy, soft, and glowing. It improves the skin cells and makes them firm, therefore rendering good skin color and suppleness after washing off the mask.


Rejuvenate your skin and reclaim that youthful glow you once had!  You can do this by living a healthy lifestyle that will keep your skin as young looking as possible and by exfoliating and hydrating your skin.    Use our Marula Masque in your skin care regimen along with other Cynergy Health Science Products.  It is the best face mask you will find on the market today!



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